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A home is usually the single largest investment that a person makes. Most buyers end up spending a great deal of time and energy either searching for or designing “the perfect home” before signing any contracts. Location, price, market trends, property taxes, homeowner’s association fees and the condition of the property are factored into the house hunt. While the home-buying process involves a number of important choices, one of the very first decisions buyers need to make is whether to shop for an existing home or build a new one. Each path has its advantages and disadvantages. Here’s a look at both sides.
Buying an Existing Home
There are two primary advantages to buying an existing home: convenience and cost. Once you are pre-approved by your lender, you can shop around, pick out a home and make an offer. A qualified real estate agent can streamline the process by helping you find appropriate properties, guiding you through negotiations and assisting with the paperwork. Once your offer is accepted, you may be able to close and move in within a month or two.
Even though the process involves numerous steps – such as financing, viewing homes, making offers, home inspections and closing – the convenience of being able to move in right away is compelling enough for many people to choose an existing home over a build. This may be especially true for buyers on a tight schedule, such as those relocating for a new job or whose children will be starting at a new school.
Building a Home
Building a custom home does not offer the same convenience as buying an existing house. Not only do you have to find the land, which will very likely not be in an existing neighborhood, you also have to factor in the time to find an architect or custom home builder in Greenville, NC and choose every element of the new structure. Joining an existing development can streamline the process, though it may limit your degree of choice. You also need to worry about systems, such as whether the land gives you access to municipal water and sewage, or requires a well and septic system, along with any environmental and other permits.
The big advantage: You are much more likely to get exactly what you want. For many, this factor alone is enough to choose building over buying, but there are other advantages, too. Your new home can have a better HVAC (heating, ventilation and cooling). Better efficiency is good for the environment and can save you money on your utility bills each month.
In the end it will be up to the person. Time and cost plays a huge part in the decision. If you are looking to build a new home, Biggs Construction are quality custom home builders in the Greenville, NC area. If you decided to buy a home that is already built, we can help with exterior and interior designing. No custom home builders in Greenville, NC job is too difficult or too small for us to handle, so contact Biggs Construction today.