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Whether you want to use your basement for storage, or you’d rather finish it and turn it into a living space, a basement is a great addition to any home. If you’re interested in building a new custom home with a basement, we can help you come up with the perfect floor plan!
Basements are versatile living spaces that you can use for whatever you need. Whether you want storage space, a rec room for your kids, or a private living space for guests or a potential renter, you can build and customize your basement to meet your unique living needs. You can even change it over time– leaving it unfinished now, and finishing later when you’d like.
Another benefit of a basement is that it makes it easier to access the systems that keep your home running like your home’s pipes, furnaces, ducts, and wires. Without a basement, these items are usually put under your home’s crawl space. This not only makes them more difficult to access, it also typically makes repairs more costly.
Basements are also a great option for those living in the South. They can provide a safe haven for your family during those bad hurricanes that we’re prone to get here in North Carolina. In addition, they’re a great space to keep cool during those brutally hot summer days. Basements typically stay cooler than the rest of your home and are cheaper to keep cool, making them cost efficient for a warmer climate like ours.
If you’re interested in building a new home with a basement, give us a call at Biggs Construction in Greenville, NC.