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Biggs Construction’s custom home builders in Greenville, NC welcomes customers with all abilities. Building a custom home is a unique opportunity to build your home for your exact needs. When you are abled bodied it’s easy to forget about how the floor plan can limit some guests or even yourself in the future. Biggs Construction wants you to have a home that you can live in for life. Here are 3 reasons why you should consider making your home more accessible.

1. More Welcoming

Chances are you have somebody in your life that struggles finding accessible options. A lot of times disabled people choose not to go on outings or gatherings because of the lack of accessibility. Though things are getting better with more accessible locations, we still have a long way to go. With a custom home builder on your side, you have the unique option to design your home to be welcoming to your guests with all abilities.

2. Promotes Independence

Biggs construction wants to build you a home for life. Many seniors have a hard time adjusting to their home that they bought in their youth and have to make appropriate modifications. With Biggs Construction you have the option to build a home that grows and can adjust to your needs with ease. A home that is built accessible from the start will help you keep your independence throughout your whole life.

3. Your House is More Valuable

If for some reason you ever need to sell your home, then an accessible home will make it extremely more valuable on the market. An accessible home is not exactly the easiest to find, so this means it will have a greater appeal to the housing market.

Need More Help?

It is never too late to start building the custom home of your dreams, and with Biggs Construction, you can do just that. Our custom home builder team serves Greenville, NC and Pitt County NC. Not only are we expert in our work, but we are also extensive in what we do. For example, we offer custom home building and speculative building for our clients. Our experienced and skillful team assists in tailoring your custom home to your specifications. We can get you the interior and exterior design that you always wanted. Why wait on having the dream space that have you always desired when our team is waiting and willing to work with you. Contact us today!