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Biggs Construction is a team of custom home builders in Greenville, NC and we have picked up a couple of tips on how to revamp your home for the Summer. Does your home embrace the sun and fun of summer? If your home feels like it is stuck back in the cold days of winter, it is time to liven things up and get that summer fun going. Here are three easy DIYs recommended by leading custom home builders Greenville NC residents love.

1. Bring in the Sun

Ditch the drapes and put up something lighter. Drapes are great for keeping the cold of winter at bay. However, it can keep the summer fun out of your home. Take the drapes down and replace them with something lighter, like sheers. For something a bit different, cover some windows with knotted rope or beads.

2. Bring in the Color

Give your neutral decorating scheme some pops of color. You can do this by trading out your white pillows with those covered in nautical blue, strawberry red, or sunshine yellow. Take down those pencil sketches and put up some colorful prints. Roll up that boring tan rug and roll out a primary, multi-color block print rug.

3. Bring in the Fun

Accessories can bring a lot of fun to any room. Pair up blue accessories in a mainly white room for a summer nautical theme. Bring in some seashells and put them up on your mantle to bring the beach home. Summer flowers are a sure way to bring the fun of summer inside, while making the whole house smell good.

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With a custom home of your own, you can bring summer home all year round. Biggs Construction is proud to be the leader in custom home builders Greenville NC deserves. Contact us today and let’s make your dream home become a reality.