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Biggs construction is a team of custom home builders in Greenville, NC that is passionate about professional service. Believe it or not, there are a lot of contractor scams out there. We want to help. Here is a guide to help you avoid contractor scams. Here are 3 contractor warning signs.

1. Huge Downpayments

It’s normal to make a down payment every once in awhile, but no contractor should expect to be paid a large amount upfront. You should expect to pay the larger amount when you see the service provided. A large down payment upfront means that they could take your money and be a no-show.

2. Random Price Hikes

A contractor with ill wishes could tempt you with their “unbelievable” low prices and the randomly raise the price once the contract is signed. If they do this then it’s a big warning sign that they have ill intentions. The flat rate is the flat rate.

3. Avoid Paperwork Questions

Though an unlicensed contractor can save you a lot of money, it can also leave you with virtually no legal rights if the job goes wrong. Paperwork and proper license protect you and the company. A company with a license means that they carry liability insurance and workman’s comp. A company that doesn’t have these licenses means that you could be responsible for any accidents or injury on your property.

Need More Help?

It is never too late to hire our custom home builders in Greenville, NC and start building the custom home of your dreams. With Biggs Construction, you can do just that. Our custom home builder team serves Greenville, NC and Pitt County NC. Not only are we expert in our work, but we are also extensive in what we do. For example, we offer custom home building and speculative building for our clients. Our experienced and skillful team assists in tailoring your custom home to your specifications. Contact us today!